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Family Connect+

Unique, unbeatable value you cannot
get anywhere else

+ R30 000 Death Cover
+ R60 000 Accidental Death Cover
+ R150 airtime every month
+ FREE Double Airtime

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Health Connect 180

Unique, unbeatable value you cannot get anywhere else

R180 000 Accident Cash
+ 24 hour
Private Ambulance and Helicopter 
+ R100
Airtime every month
Double Airtime
Double Data

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Unique, unbeatable value you cannot
get anywhere else

+ R20 000 Accident Cover
+ R10 000 ICU Cover 
+ 24hr Medical Advice
+ R50 000 Flight Bonus

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Auto Elite

Your car is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.

+ R3 000 every 90 days to sort out minor chips, dents, scratches and more!
+ 24/7 Roadside Assistance
+ PLUS 2 for 1 CD/DVD/Game Vouchers Bonus!

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Auto Prestige

Your car is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so isn’t it good to know you can always make sure it looks it’s best, inside AND out!

Scratches and Dents
+ Rim and Mag Repairs
+ Free Interior Repairs

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Family Connect

Family Connect now covers you and your partner for death and accidents.

+ R30 000 Death Cover
+ R100 000 Accident Cash
+ R150 airtime every month
+ FREE Double Airtime

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Elite Rescue

When minutes could mean the difference between life and death, it’s good to know help is just a phone call away.

+ 24hr Emergency Medical Assist
+ Up to R20 000 Accident Cash
+ Up to R10 000 ICU Cover
+ R50 000 Flight Bonus

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Health Protect

With Health Protect, you can have complete peace of mind that when life throws you a curveball, you are able to take care of those unforeseen expenses!

+ Up to R90 000  Hospital Cash
+ R50 000 Accidental Death Cover
+ 24 hour Private Ambulance and Helicopter

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Health Connect

In SA, only Health Connect gives you your monthly membership fee, or more back in airtime.

+ R60 000 Accident Cash
+ 24 hour Private Ambulance and Helicopter  
+ R85 000 Helicopter Bonus
+ R150 Airtime every month
+ FREE Double Airtime

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Health Connect+

Unique, unbeatable value you cannot get anywhere else

+ Up to R3 000 Daily Cash Cover
+ R100 000 Disability Cover
+ PRIVATE Ambulance and Helicopter
+ R250 Airtime

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can give your family the help they need when they need it most..

+ Up to R18 000 Death Benefit
+ R50 000 Accidental Cash

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Heli Rescue Plus

When you are in an accident and time is the only thing between life and death, you want to know that help is close in hand.

+ R20 000 Accident Cash
+ R30 000 Flight Bonus
+ 24hr Emergency Medical Assistance

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Platinum Protect

Accidents are part of life. Platinum Protect offers you and your family peace of mind knowing that whatever life sends your way you will have the help you need.

+ Up to R50 000 Accident Cash
+ R10 000 Death Cover
+ 24hr Emergency medical assistance

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AcciCash Plus

We know that accidents are a part of our daily lives.

+ R40 000 Death Cover
+ R100 000 Accident Cash
+ 24 hour Private Ambulance and Helicopter

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You can't predict the future, but you can prepare for it

+ R30 000 Death Cover 
+ R100 000 Accident Cover
+ R3 000 for groceries

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