In January 2015, the five daring South African's who make up The Unlimited Twin Peaks Expedition will tackle Antarctica's Mount Vinson, the most remote and coldest of the Seven Summits, then take on a virgin peak in the Ellsworth Mountains.

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09.01.15 - Mission Accomplished – second summit in the bag

Our news for today is that we have just tackled the second summit successfully but not without incident. It was very hard climbing up to the peak which we measured at 1 859m. Considering that we started our climb at 700m, if you do the maths, our total ascent today was 1 159m.

IMG_1672 1
08.01.15 - Second peak in sight

Today we set out with great excitement on a really funny looking snowcat (vehicle) and drove for an hour-and-a-half into a beautiful wilderness area for our second summit in The Unlimited Twin Peaks Expedition. We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and pointed in the right direction to some mountains that have never been climbed. Four-and-a-half hours later, having covered about 5km’s up a valley and onto the summit of a very low peak, we have now pitched camp. It’s been a very exciting day.

07.01.15 - Rest day at Union Glacier

We have had a wonderful, well deserved rest day at Union Glacier. We have now selected where we are going for our second peak and we’ve got our kit sorted out including ski’s and polks. The second peak is 30km’s from Union Glacier in a mountain range that hasn’t been climbed before and it looks like we might even get naming rights to the peak.

06.01.15 - Back to Civilisation

What an incredible day today. We walked for about 10 hours last night. Really absolutely smashed it. Today we made our way down on fixed ropes, with the highlight being the scaling of a 950m ice wall. From there we made our way back to Base Camp only to discover when we got there that there was an Otter (airplane) waiting for us. There were all sorts of logistical things to organise so we didn’t have time for a celebration there but off we went to Union Glacier where we are now.

06.01.15 - Return to Vinson Base Camp

We are at High Camp and we are going to make our way back down the fixed- line ice wall. At Low Camp we are going to collect some cached luggage that we left there and continue all the way down to Vinson Base Camp. It’s about a 1500m decent going down the ice wall and the interesting part now is getting all the wag bags, leftovers and what not back into the bags with everything else and making our way down the mountain. With a little bit of luck we will get onto a plane as soon as we get to camp so that we can get across to Union Glacier. I think everyone could do with some relief as we are all looking a bit tatty and torn after the big day yesterday and the time on the mountain. We are really looking forward to the next mountain and will touch base with you again, probably from Vinson Base Camp.

06.01.15 - Mount Vinson Summit

Just to give you a bit more information on yesterday’s event and what took place. The whole plan during the course of the day was for us to all summit together and the younger guys went out with one guide about an hour after Pete Berning and myself. Ken, Zack and Barney did the whole round trip in just over eight hours which is absolutely fantastic going. The normal climb is between 10 and 12 hours so to be right up there with the top guys is really incredible. Pete and I did the trip in about 10 hours.

Mount Vinson high camp
04.01.15 - All set to summit!

It’s a time of great excitement as we have dinner now before summit day tomorrow. We thought we would give you all a message from some of the guys, so you know a bit about how we are feeling just before we go for the big day!

First, we have Dr Peter Berning: Ja! Greetings! I’m feeling fantastic and strong. We are well fed and well hydrated and looking forward to tomorrow.

03.01.15 - Mount Vinson High Camp – The most beautiful place in the world.

We’ve ascended to High Camp after the most amazing day. This part of the journey  involves climbing on a fixed line up the ice wall which slopes at up to 45 degress. This climb gives us a 1020m gain in elevation.

Zack, Barney and Ken came up with one guide and did the climb in 5 hours, which is absolutely remarkable and speaks volumes about their fitness – just amazing. Read More >>

Mount Vinson base camp
01.01.15 - Vinson Base Camp

We finished breakfast and jumped into a Twin Otter, the transfer craft between Union Glacier and Mount Vinson base Camp. It was the most amazing and breathtakingly beautiful flight, full of snow, ice and crevasses. It was a two hour expedition and we are really excited to be here.

At Vinson base camp we had an amazing climb, it was only 300m but it was a chance to shake down on our kit and get it all sorted out. Footwear had to be adjusted and worked on when we got back into the camp last night.

Union Glacier
01.01.15 - Union Glacier

Wow! We have landed at Union Glacier base after a rather hectic 12 hours of a day. We had a 24 hour delay so went out and enjoyed a wonderful meal and some great Chilean wine – and then suddenly we were given 45 minutes to finish our meal, change, pack our kit and get on the bus for a very beautiful flight to Union Glacier. Read More >>

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